Professional Hair Coloring

Is it time for you to change your hair color? Have you become bored with your hair color and want a new refreshing look? A lot of us will get tempted to change our hair color when we see some of our favorite celebrities on the red carpet and on the covers of magazines sporting the best hair highlights hairstyles. There are a variety of enticing, gorgeous highlights that you can choose to flatter your skin tone. Adding highlights is a great option if you prefer not to change your hair color completely. You can experiment with a variety of shades that will make your hair look amazing.

Changing the color of your hair will make you look and feel totally different. Trying a revitalizing hair color is a good way to enhance the way you look and to improve the way you feel about yourself. You don’t have to be stuck with the same boring hair color each day. You have the choice to try the newest hair color trends that are on the market.

Madison Ave Hair Salon Professional Hair Care

It is easier and less time consuming when you choose a professional service to change your hair color or to fix your hair coloring mistakes. You can avoid numerous hair problems by consulting with a professional who can take care of your needs. Whether you need permanent hair colors, semi-permanent hair colors, or touch ups on new hair growth, we will help you! A professional hair stylist can help you determine the best hair colors that are suitable for your complexion. If you are thinking about changing the color of your hair, try our professional hair care services. You will enjoy your magical transformation.

Hair Extensions for Black Women

relaxers-kaymatthews-02The biggest advantage of being a woman is that we have countless ways of styling our hair. We can blow dry our hair, color, cut, relax, straighten, curl, wear wigs, and even attach hair extensions to our own natural hair. If you’ve always wanted long hair and unable to grow out your hair to your preferred length, hair extensions are a great option that you should consider. Wearing hair extensions is a fast way to get an instant, gorgeous hairstyle. If you don’t want artificial hair extensions, choose the human hair extensions to achieve the natural look you need.

Wear your Hair with Class

One of the greatest benefits of wearing natural human hair extensions is that they are easier to style and look classier. When you have your hair extensions installed, you will realize how easy it is to style your hair. You can treat these extensions like your regular hair without the fuss. We don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror each morning dealing with tangles and frizzes. Every woman wants a quick, convenient way to style her hair so that she can look her very best.

Human hair extensions are more in demand than ever. If you have thinning hair or dealing with hair loss, wearing hair extensions is an alternative that you should try. Most importantly, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to buy quality hair. Human hair extensions can be washed, they are made in a variety of styles that match your own hair, they are natural looking and will last for a longer period of time.

How to Have Thicker Hair

Do you find it difficult to grow out your natural hair? Some of the major causes of hair loss may be attributed to an unhealthy diet, stress, or even heredity. Thinning hair is a major problem for people and there are tips that you can follow if you are dealing with this problem.

Supplementing with Vitamins

One of the most common reasons for hair loss is due to the lack of nutrients in the diet. Growing healthy, thicker hair is difficult if your body lacks the nutrients it needs. Hair growth can be accomplished naturally when you integrate a selection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and other nutrients in your diet. If you have thinning hair, taking natural hair growth supplements may be the solution you need to grow a healthy head of hair.

Using Hair Moisturizers

Moisturizing your hair is an important rule if you have dry, brittle hair. Natural oils such as avocado and coconut oils are beneficial for hair growth because they strengthen the hair shaft, they are loaded with nutrients that promote hair growth, they add shine to your hair and help to retain moisture. Click here to learn more about avocado hair oil

Attaching Hair Extensions

Wouldn’t it be great to obtain the luxurious hair that you’ve always wanted? The easiest way to obtain a healthy head of hair in a few hours is by installing hair extensions to your natural hair. Hair extensions and wigs have been worn for centuries around the world. Regardless of the kind of hair you have, you will find that hair extensions is an easy, simple way for you to have thicker hair that is longer and easier to manage. Join the hair extension movement and get the glamorous look you need. Come check out our Madison Ave hair salon to learn more about professional hair extensions, services and the current hair trends.

Popular Hair Extension Attachment Methods

What are some Popular Hair Extension Attachment Methods?

Hair extensions are ideal when you need to increase your hair length or need to add more volume to your current style. Have you been considering getting hair extensions and wondering about the best hair attachment methods? This blog post contains various hair extension attachment methods that are used in salons to provide amazing results. This is a helpful guide that you can use to decide which method is right for you.

Tape Wefts

Tape wefts hair extensions can be easily applied and removed. This is a popular method that consists of tape wefts that are attached together between your own hair. These taped extensions usually last for up to twelve weeks and can be worn like your regular hair. If you have baby fine hair, this is a method that you can use to achieve longer length and instant volume. Before you choose a hair attachment technique, determine if you would like to wear real natural hair or synthetic and determine the right hair color combinations that you need.


Long, luxurious hair is not just for famous runway models or celebrities. No need for you to be jealous when you can simply install sew-in hair extensions to achieve longer, thicker hair. Sew-in hair extensions are a great solution for women who desire a change in their current hair style. With this method, your hair is first braided and then individual strips of hair are sewn to your natural hair. These extensions last longer than other methods.


This is a safe installation that does not damage your hair and is known to last for at least six months. A fusion installation consists of using hair extensions that are fused to your natural hair using a hot or cold fusion method.
With a hot fusion method, hot glue and heat is used to fuse the hair extensions to your natural hair. The cold fusion bonding is a gentler process that consists of the use of a keratin-based polymer to attach the hair extensions.

Wearing hair extensions is a way for you to look and feel confident. Whether you are attending a social function or a business event, a beautiful head of hair supplies you with the confidence you need. Come check out our Madison Ave Hair Salon. Our hair extensions are professionally attached and no one will discover your secret unless you tell them! Our mission is to give you luxurious hair that you will love.


The Benefits of High Quality Hair Extensions

What are the the Benefits of High Quality Hair Extensions?

All women desire a gorgeous head of hair that doesn’t take up too much of their time. If you are frustrated from not being able to style your limp hair into a glamorous style, getting hair extensions is a wonderful option. Hair extensions are carefully blended in order to match the color of your own hair.

There is no need to wait months on end for your hair to grow when you can get instant volume. The most beautiful hair extensions can be worn by anyone. Have you ever wanted a hair style like one of your favorite celebrities? A lot of celebrities on the red carpet are sporting the most fabulous hair styles with the help of hair extensions and so can you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to obtain a glamorous look.
For those of us who are not blessed with a healthy head of hair, using hair extensions is a great alternative to get the desired look. You don’t have to bother everyday with curling irons or blow dryers to style your real hair. Wearing hair extension is a beneficial method that protects your real hair from the harsh elements and provides low maintenance. When hair extensions are professionally applied, you can save yourself precious time in front of the mirror styling your hair.

If you desire a new look or need to add more volume to our hair, try our hair extensions. Madison Ave Hair Salon specializes in a variety of hair extensions that are suitable for your needs.


Hair Extensions/Weaves Basics

beauty-3When you get Extensions/Weave, take your time and start by exploring your options. Hair Extensions/Weaves can be expensive and it takes more time then your basic haircut. So it is important to do your research because you don’t want to waste your time or money. Every client should know what the type of weave they are getting and the price range for each weave method. REWORD:Just because you paid several hundred dollars for your extensions, you still may get a $100 job by a stylist not experience with the intricate method of Extensions. Extensions/Weaves are not complicated and should not be an all day process for the experienced Extension/Weave Specialist. An Extension/Weave Specialist should know and be accomplished at least 3 different Extension/Weave Methods.

Extensions in Life style – You should consider your lifestyle when choosing the type of Hair Extensions/Weave. If you don’t like to style your hair, choose hair with a curly or wavy texture. Curly or Wavy Extensions/Weave are commonly referred to as, (wash and go hair). If your a women that doesn’t mind light styling you can choose extension/weaves that’s shoulder length, it is easier to style. If your a glamour girl and don’t mind styling your hair everyday then you can choose any kind of style you desire. If you are not sure what style works for you use wigs to test run a style before committing to extensions/weave.

relaxers-kaymatthews-09Hair Quality – Good hair quality is essential, especially for longer hairstyles (12 inches or more). It is important to remember when purchasing hair online you don’t get the opportunity to feel the hair before buying. The hair weft stitching should be tight, secure and neatly stitched as flat as possible. When choosing hair you want to choose hair that looks and feels natural. It should match your natural hair texture. Choosing hair texture also depends on what style you want to achieve. If you desire something short and progressive, you do not need high hair quality, because most of it will be cut off to create those funky short styles. For styles past your shoulders you want the highest quality of hair that feels good. The highest hair quality is when it’s purchased more in it’s natural state, with little to no processing. It should be labeled as such. Their are several types of hair. The lowest quality is Chinese, because of the excessive process it undergoes to become ready to use. A medium to high quality would be Indian hair, Indian hair has less process and is often sold in a less processed/more natural condition. The highest quality would be European/Russian hair.

Consult a Professional – Many hairstylist know how to braid and sew, but there’s more that goes to Extensions/Weaves then braiding and sewing, which is the reason you should consult an Extension /Weave Specialist. An Extension/Weave Specialist should know more than one method of applying Extensions/Weave. An Extension/Weave Specialist can also help with maintenance and keeping your natural hair and scalp healthy. In addition the Extension/Weave Specialist will give your Extensions/Weave a professional and finished look.

Your extensions/Weave Specialist should also be able to provide a professional haircut. A profesional haircut will provide a fabulous finish and add natural movement to your Extensions/Weave. A custom haircut and face framing is essential as well as the proper placement of the tracks for free flowing tresses.

weaveExtensions/Weaves is the best way to sample hair color because you are not confined to the color. If you purchase low end hair you will not be able to color it, because of the extreme processing. When purchasing medium to high quality hair in most cases your able to color or use techniques like balayage, ombre, and highlighting.

Maintaining your natural hair is important. Continue to condition and cleanse the hair underneath your extensions. You should shampoo your hair at least ever two weeks. Make sure the hair dries through so there is no mildew.